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Week Beginning: 15th June 2020

Hi Junior 2,

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather outdoors over the weekend! I have been practising lots for “Junior Two’s Got Talent”. I can’t wait to see all your special talents! On Wednesday this week I will post a video of my special talent to the WhatsApp group, I hope you will do the same! It’s only a bit of fun so give it your best shot!youre the best GIF

For the next two weeks our theme is Summer! We will be learning how to keep ourselves safe in the sun and how to be safe at the beach!

Here are some tips about safety at the beach:

Have a listen to this safety song to help you remember how to be safe:

As we are not going to be at school this year for our School Sports Day we thought we would try it from home. If the weather is good this week why not get outdoors and practice for our virtual sports day. Here are some ideas that you could try with your family:

You could try the egg and spoon race, my favourite!

The trickiest race of all, The Three-legged race!

Good luck with your tasks this week Junior Two! I can’t wait to see all your talents on Wednesday. Miss you all so much!

Miss Redmond.

pokemon good luck GIF

Week Beginning: 8th June 2020

Hello Boys and Girls,

I hope you all had a super weekend in the sun! We are now into our final month of the school year which is crazy! The past few weeks have been strange and different but it’s great to see you all continuing with your school work and helping at home!high five teamwork GIF by SpongeBob SquarePants

For this week we continue our topic of the Ancient Romans.roman rome GIF

This week I would like you to attempt to eat some foods similar to the Ancient Romans.

This is a song about life as a Roman, have a listen:

If you would like the words to sing along with the video above here they are:

I have posted out your work packs with lots of interesting stories about life in Ancient Rome! I have also included some more maths for you to complete. I would love to see pictures of your Roman mosaics and your Roman shields so send them on in the class WhatsApp group!

For a bit of fun this week I have set you a challenge called “Junior Two’s Got Talent!” Please get practicing your special talents and post a video in our class WhatsApp group, I will have a go too! The Romans loved to go to the theatre to see plays and watch chariot races as well as Gladiator battles, they were very talented people! I’m looking forward to seeing what special talents Junior 2 have! Nbc Champions GIF by America's Got Talent

Have a great week everyone!

Miss Redmond.

Week Beginning: 25th May 2020

Hi Junior 2,

I hope you are all keeping well and feeling good. For the next two weeks we will be learning all about the Ancient Romans! I have lots of interesting videos for you to watch linked here on the website and I am posting out some activities for you to complete at home. The Romans came from Rome in Italy. We will learn how Rome got it’s name and all about the fantastic inventions that the romans made that we still use today!

This video will tell you all about life growing up in Ancient Rome.

Here I have linked a powerpoint telling us some more important facts about life in Ancient Rome:


This next link is an ebook all about how Ancient Rome was ruled:

Have a go a labelling this roman soldiers armour:

Here is a little animation about a day in the life of a Roman Soldier:

Why don’t you make your own Roman Shield!

This is a fun art activity using squares of coloured paper to make a beautiful Mosaic just like the Ancient Romans did, you could try to make a mosaic of your name!

The weeks are flying by and you have all been working so well at your school work, keep it up boys and girls, you are all superstars!

Missing you all,

Miss Redmond.

Week Beginning: 18th May 2020

Hi Boys and Girls,

I have emailed you all some more activities for the week ahead. I hope you have been enjoying watching the videos about the Planets, the Sun and our Solar System. You have all been busy completing your Maths sheets and your Space booklets and I am really enjoying seeing all your fantastic work in our WhatsApp group chat. Keep up the amazing work and if there is anything you are finding tricky or you are not sure of be sure to let me know so that I can help! sci fi help GIF by Echo Games VR

This week we continue our study of The Solar System and here is a song to help you to remember the Star Constellations!

Have a look at this video that will help you to identify the Constellations of Stars in the night sky:

This next Science activity looks like a lot of fun but you will need an adult to help you! This video shows you how to make your very own Star Constellation Projector so that you can look at the constellations on your bedroom wall at night time!

To complete the activity you will need to print this image of the Constellations of stars to help you map them out for the Star Projector!

Star Constellations

It is really important to keep active at home during this lockdown period so here is a Space Yoga adventure that you might like to try with your family:

Please continue with your Space booklets that I posted out to you and check your emails for the new activities for the week ahead. Keep in touch with your friends also in the WhatsApp group chat as I know you all love to see each others pictures and hear what everyone is getting up to. I miss you all lots but I know that you are having fun with your families at home and staying safe which is so important! Have a great week everyone and I will talk to you all soon!

Miss Redmond

Outer Space Happy Dance GIF by NASA

Week Beginning: 11th May 2020

Good Morning Junior 2,
Good Morning GIF

I hope you are all enjoying working through your Space booklets and learning all about the sun and the planets in our Solar System. For this week continue on with the booklets that you received in the post and with the activities that I shared with you via email. I have included more maths activities via email also and as we are working on the theme of Space this month I will post some maths activities based on 2-D and 3-D shapes here on the website.

You have all been working so well and communicating with your classmates on our WhatsApp group. I hope you are also helping out at home as much as you can. I know your parents are so proud of you all so make sure to give mum and dad a little bit of help keeping your bedroom tidy and helping with the dishes!

Here are some fun activities to try with your family:

Have a listen to this piece of music called The Planets by Gustav Holst:

Here are some 2-D shape activity sheets:




2D Shape Bee Picture Activity Sheets

2D Shape Butterfly Picture Activity Sheets

D Shape Ladybird Picture Activity Sheets

2D Shape Spider Picture Activity Sheets

Have a great week everyone!

Miss Redmond.

Week Beginning: 4th May 2020

Hi Boys and Girls,

I’m so proud of you all for the fantastic job you have all been doing so far of completing a little bit of school work each day as well as doing some lovely activities with your families.

On Thursday many of you wore blue to show your support of World Autism Awareness Month that is April each year!

For the month of May our Special Topic is: Space.

I have posted out your booklets to you to work through over the next couple of weeks. I will also email through some activities for you to complete.

Here is a video giving you a tour of the International Space Station. Have a watch:

Here is a clip of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon, he was the first person to ever set foot on the moon:

Here is a video telling us all about the planets in our solar system:

Why don’t you try to recreate your own solar system at home with your family?!

I hope you all have a great week and continue to post your pictures and videos to our WhatsApp group chat because I love to see all the fantastic activities you are getting up to at home!

Missing you all!

Miss Redmond

Happy Birthday Sun GIF by Hallmark Gold Crown

Week Beginning: 27th April Active Home Week

Hi Boys and Girls,

Home Sweet Home GIF by swerk - Find & Share on GIPHY

As it is Active Schools Week but we’re all stuck at home, we’ve had to adapt and rename it Active Home Week! Find some useful ideas below as to how you can all get active at home with your families.

Active HOME Week

Other useful links for getting active:

I hope you are enjoying working on your “My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule”. Be sure to include lots of pictures and newspaper clippings so you will always remember this extraordinary time!

Here is a lovely Art activity to try with your family:

How to Make A Family Handprint Keepsake

I am posting some links here too for our SPHE lessons this month:

Have a listen to the story and your parents will ask you some questions afterwards!

This is a link to Peter and the Wolf by Sergei Prokofiev! Have a listen with your family and have a chat about how this music made you feel!

I hope you are finding the school packs that I posted out to you useful and that the tasks are providing a bit of structure and routine to your day. As I explained in our phone conversations, I will continue to provide individualised education programmes to you all via email and I will supplement those activities with a variety of tasks here on the school website also. The priority at this time is our health and well-being so please do not feel under any pressure to complete all the activities that have been set, dip in and out of them as and when you can. If you require any assistance or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me at

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I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Moving Heart Clipart GifMiss Redmond

Here are some simple recipes to try with your family!

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