St. Bernadette’s is a co-educational special school which provides education for pupils, aged 4 to 18, with a mild general learning disability. Many of our pupils may have additional needs such as physical disabilities or sensory impairments.

The School is under the Patronage of the Bishop of Raphoe and was founded in 1978. It is managed by a voluntary Board of Management with representatives from our Patron, the Teaching Staff, Parents and the local Community. As set out below at para 1.8, the school has limited capacity with variable class sizes depending on the needs of the children in each class.

The school has primary and post primary sections catering for the different age ranges i.e. Primary 4-12 years and Post Primary 12-18 years.

The quality of education on offer at St. Bernadette’s is characterised by the professional dedication of all staff and by the creation of a caring, learning environment within the school which facilitates the nurturing and development of each pupils’ full educational potential.

Our school seeks to be a place where each individual is treated with the highest respect.


Click on the link below to download our full Enrolment policy: 
St. Bernadette’s Enrolment policy