Mobile Phone

The use of mobile phones is central to everyday life. All staff and most pupils use mobile phones to communicate with others and to undertake everyday tasks, i.e., writing e-mails, taking photographs, keeping fit, etc. In a school setting it is important that everyone understands what purpose they are used for within the school setting and how to ensure that respect for others is maintained when using mobile phones.

It was deemed necessary to set up a policy on mobile phones as a matter for health and safety of all pupils. The staff felt that mobile phone use in school should be addressed. Staff use mobile phones for work purposes to communicate with others. All access to school applications such as Aladdin and Gmail by staff should always be protected via a password and on a locked device. It is also recognised that some students may require them for safety purposes directly after school. With these factors in mind the following policy was developed by the school.

Click on the link below to download our full Mobile Phone policy:

St. Bernadette’s Mobile Phone policy