Code of Behaviour

Good behaviour is based on good relations between parents/guardians, child and school.

In St Bernadette’s we hope to foster this ideal in co-operation with our parents/guardians. We have adopted a positive code of behaviour with emphasis on encouragement and reward so that good behaviour can prevail in our school.

Our ethos is that as our pupils have individual requirements they should be treated with positive support, dignity and respect in trying to meet their needs as regards behaviour management.

The Board of Management of the school has ultimate responsibility for behaviour in the school.  Within the school, the overall day to day responsibility for behaviour rests with the Principal.  Each teacher has the responsibility for the maintenance of good behaviour and good order within his/her classroom while sharing a common responsibility for good behaviour within the school premises.

Every effort will be made by all members of staff to adopt a positive proactive approach to the issue of behaviour in the school. Our code offers a framework within which positive techniques of motivation and encouragement are utilised by all staff towards the children. The school therefore places greater emphasis on encouraging and rewarding good behaviour than on sanctions in the belief that this will, in the longer term, produce the best results.

The school recognises the variety of differences that exist between the children and the need to accommodate these differences in so far as this is practical.

All efforts are made to match the curriculum to the abilities, aptitudes and interests of each pupil. IEP’s are in place for all pupils and these are developed alongside input from teachers, pupils (if applicable), parents and other external personnel, if available, for this process.

Parents/guardians can support the school by encouraging their children to understand the need for school rules, and by communicating any relevant concerns to the school.


Click the link below to download our full Code of Behaviour policy: 

St. Bernadette’s Code of Behaviour policy