Middle 1

Welcome to Middle 1!

Covid 19: Distance Learning 30th of March 2020 Onwards

Dear Parents,

I hope everyone is safe and well and is enjoying their time at home. I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with each of you over the past two days and please feel free to contact me further on tish190786@hotmail.com if you need any help or support over this difficult time.

Following on from our phone calls this week I am putting arrangements in place to continue the delivery of education to each of the children in Middle 1 during these extraordinary times. I want to do my best to keep the children engaged in their learning while at the same time making sure the children and yourselves do not feel under any extra pressure or stressed. There is no obligation to complete the activities suggested.  It is important that our focus is on remaining, happy, safe and well during this current time.

I would like to share the following information in relation to our Home Learning Activities:

  • Each Monday I will place on the school website some home learning activities. These are ideas and you can adapt them to suit your child any way you please.
  • Each Monday I will also send an email to you of any individualised activities for your child for the week. This work is mostly revision to help keep your child up to date with their learning.
  • No work will be allocated during the 2 weeks of Easter however if the school closures are extended, I will continue this further each Monday until school reopens.
  • Please do not put yourself under pressure to complete all activities and if you decide as a parent on other activities or to enjoy time outside etc. that is absolutely fine.
  • Here is a list of some helpful websites that may be of use to you and your child during this period of distance Learning.

Helpful Websites for Parents during School Closure (1)

Enjoy this time at home and I really look forward to having your child back in the Middle 1 Classroom at St. Bernadette’s Soon!

Stay safe and take care.

Mrs Patricia Deeney


Home Learning Activities 30th of March. (Individualised activities will be sent through Email)


Welcome to Middle 1!

This year we have 6 boys in Middle 1. We have James, Jack L, Alan, Oisin, Jack BC, and Aiden.




In September we settled into our new class and made new friends. We explored Autumn and went for a lovely Autumn walk in Gartan. We gathered lots of leaves and twigs for some Autumn art and had fun making Autumn prints and popcorn trees.



In October Middle 1 began to visit the library. We all chose a book for independent reading in class. Each month we will visit the library to return our books and get a new one.

Our topic this month was “Food”. We loved exploring food from all over the world and enjoyed a taster session from our favourites. We invited Mr Roache to help us with our tasting.

This month we celebrated Halloween. We had lots of fun dressing up for our annual Halloween party.