Middle 1

Welcome to Middle 1!

This year we have 6 boys in Middle 1. We have James, Jack L, Alan, Oisin, Jack BC, and Aiden.




In September we settled into our new class and made new friends. We explored Autumn and went for a lovely Autumn walk in Garten. We gathered lots of leaves and twigs for some Autumn art and had fun making making Autumn prints and popcorn trees.



In October Middle 1 began to visit the library. We all chose a book for independent reading in class. Each month we will visit the library to return our books and get a new one.

Our topic this month was “Food”. We loved exploring food from all over the world and enjoyed a taster session from our favorites. We invited Mr Roache to help us with our tasting.

This month we celebrated Halloween. We had lots of fun dressing up for our annual Halloween party.